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Wings of Freedom-Sober Living Program

The Big Picture: Building Strong Foundations For Lasting Recovery

The difference between Wings of Freedom Sober Living Community and other sober living houses is the belief that true recovery, and the joy that accompanies it, can only be realized through Jesus Christ. Residents will spend time in Bible Study, prayer and worship, and will attend Christ centered 12 step services as a part of their weekly affairs. We believe sobriety will always be lacking when practiced outside a fruitful and abounding relationship with Jesus Christ. You don't have to be a Christian to reside in our program, but you will be asked to abide by our Christ-centered policies and procedures and to have an open mind.

We encourage setting aside old habits which lead to unproductive lifestyle choices, and introduce residents to new, healthy, and productive lifestyle choices. This is accomplished through Biblical teaching, staff example, and a peer support system.

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